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forward and forever
1:23 a.m. 2007-05-08

We sit in traffic like waiting on delays in the distance is coercing breath from our lungs and every ticktock beat in your heart is precious and irreplaceable. So we tap our fingers on dashboards and steering wheels, check the stickshift and ponder the depths of idling engines. Elevate the levels of the songs we love and tuck ourselves in to our eery soundwave dreams lulled and lethargic at the immovable eternity wedged into the bumpers of cars in front of us. We keep busy and let ourselves take in the world at the speed of traffic jams and car accidents, squinting toobright eyes to the tempo of speckles of sunbeams and gaping awestruck at mountainscapes and the perfect angles of oceans of rolling landscape. We slow our hearts to keep them beating, because the pulse hammering in my head screams for 80 miles per hour and rushing wind but sometimes we just move so slowly. And when the traffic clears, the truth is, we'd always rather drive fast

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