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Fire and Ash
9:46 p.m. 2007-05-07

The riven and the remission and this lacerated patchwork of flesh fame and famine that you call your desire and i am fire and ash on knife edge discrimination and the causeless burning of the delivered innocents. There are no salvations sliding shock through your veins and the tendons in my arms are withering to the shame of your end. We will cut the geometry of the stars in the remnants of your tissues like tearfall cities and continents delving deep into the cavernous darkness of your inside soul and screamings. Divert the pleas of your restless riverbed finality like transient scar lines and the jagged breathes of this Vesuvious and you have become my metaphors to the reality of this silversteel and cold. Lets get started, shall we? Neverender the rivulets of crimson and clover and the smoke from your cigarette will fog nightskies and windowpanes are shivering under the brittle breezes of your gray and blue catastrophe. Watch the bones in her skin and you'll see the imminent surrender of lungs and the collapse of empires and the whole civilization of your breathing and your crying will die alone. Quiet dear, this is just the beginning.

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