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for the future
1:43 a.m. 2007-04-30

Oh God just give me silence and four wheels to carry me into this moonswelling evening.
We cover the grid of downtown denver with the lingering kiss of our headlights and blackedout storefronts sigh envious reflections of our brake lights and the city is sleeping silent and quiet and we are the blood travelling through veins to keep it alive. On this midnight drive we know where we're going and we never get there and it never really matters cuz the wind's shrieking sonnets outside my window and the sparks from discarded cigarettes spell out our names and the vague extent of our destinies in predetermined fireworkdisplay brilliance for split seconds; lighting up the asphalt. And you say i talk to much. And i feel like there's something more to say here but we burn the matches instead and just turn up the radio dial. And the lines in the pavement divide this vessel and we're sailing so alone tonight, and the headlights and blacktop and the stranded flickering points of distant automobiles are islands. We're keeping this city alive tonight, giving it breath and blood and the force of this tailspin collision is rippling silken shockwaves over the blinds and stoplights that litter this eternity like debris. Oh god just give me silence and four wheels to carry me on through this moonswelling midnight and maybe tomorrow the memory of this onstretching eternity will give me hope

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