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Dillinger escape plan/ girlies
9:47 p.m. 2007-04-28

Dillinger, they've mapped out their final escape and the whisper of wind rebounds off your eyelids with the certainty of choirs in vaulted chamber citadels. The lines of your flesh will crease and tremble and harden and granite will reflect the radiance of your fingertips and thighs. They've been planning this disaster since the first time they met you, with backward glance and intonation littered with debris and devoid of any sincerity. And you hold your stone and silk pavilion body straight and clean, defying the hunch of age and the infinite pressure of gravity, leaning on your joists and joints and holding hairline profile to the fit of winds that sweep down from the mountains on the western edge of this city. You stand with palms out like solar panels and the defined junctures of your fingers radiate the calm of days spent like this, in the quiet tense of purposeful waiting. Dillinger, you root your feet like pillars and Roman columns and your eyes are gray and tired with the depths of the depravity you have seen. And when your fingers start to quiver, the tendons pulling tripwire detonations along the length of your porcelain perfection, i know the weather's changing. And your eyes narrow every time it rains, like you know the reasons. Dillinger, they've never even known the ballistic concussion of gusts and the buffeting calm of their retreat, they have never felt the sky shelling their immaculate frame with raindrops and they have never known the joy of shivering in the cold, feeling the world on your elbows and shoulderblades. And yet they have spent generations circling, testing you and tying you down , vulnerable, to bear the sacrifice they've never learned to undrstand. Dillinger, we stand together in the face of these storms knowing all the pain of the weather and the suffering of the ties that bind us to their ignorance. And we know they'll never escape this squall and we know that we'll never turn away, because the sunrise beaming turrets of nimbus over the tumultuous battlefield of cloudscapes is a sight to save souls

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