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For The Dead
3:38 a.m. 2007-04-28

They have done this to us, risen this pleading mass of tyranny and temptation like altars and we are cowering deadridden in neon and bathed by morningglow to weak to pierce smokeclouds. His hands are trembling ulcers and shedding tissue like shrapnel to the weathered ground and clambering steel corridors are the only discernable entity left anymore. When the cities are covered in debris and the axis of sun's path triangulates the dimensions of our degredation we will go underground, tunneling whole civilizations to the depths and we will shape spheres to cover the places we used to worship and venice will drown in cesspools. And we will shake withered fists to the hail and the locust and name plagues after presidents and conduct the symphonic whine of our woes in tune with Bibles and public policy and there will be a viscious outcry. The hordes of trembling carcasses will stir from their paralysis with hissing and gasps to flood caverns and the cavities inside men's bodies where souls sleep. We will sacrifice our bodies to the rising up of revelation and burn the morality from crumbling history books like razing forests since culled. We will assign responsibility on the dead and cut ephigies into the panes of musuems and turn our libraries into mauseleums. And we will never look back. We will shatter the mirrors and forget our names so that no one will ever blame us again. We will have utopia at the expense of the granduer of past generations and we will fucking ruin this earth from the inside out

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