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1:34 p.m. 2007-04-11

Sometimes we forget the sailing nets of clouds that led us to this finality like cascades of curvatures and knifeedges and windowpanes that drown whole oceans under reflections and weary tearslicks. I will hold the mending needle close and close my eyes to dream of teardrop heartbeats that suffer the melody of your pulse with something less than regret and i will hold the mending needle close and imagine capillaries and pinpricks and arteries and fingers with this shallow twinge of nostalgia creeping over my fingernails. Crimson cuts like razors never could and there is no way to mend the shards of tissue and trust that collapse in whirlwinds of i love you's and goodbyes and i hate all of this for the second time around. So just go, before i take a picture of this mess of gore and lovepoetry i'll call my heart and ask you your address. Cuz i don't think you want to remember this

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