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9:25 p.m. 2007-01-18

The sun sets in tatters over this alcatraz island of a skyline and it doesn't even leave traces of ash on my retinas anymore. Highestpoint building hopping, i can see the dreary entirety of resulting isolationist tendencies and it makes me shudder. Sin and cyanide tangle warfare through dustridden destered town streets and children sit on front porches waiting to grow older. The windows are broken and no one moves to cower behind doorways here, this place is empty and vomiting cobwebs from corners to rife with this desolation of deprivation. I envy communes and convicts in this misting out of twilight and tuck fingers under thumbs to hide my prints and pretend i am someone else, somewhere else. The wandering homeless in downtown someplace else are living dreams i've forgotten how to have and i wish i wasn't so alone here. Wish that we weren't all just dying here. Wish that the top of this secondstorey shithole wasn't the highest i'll ever get here. And i wish that i could wake up and have it all be order. This rooftop isn't even high enough to jump from

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