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prepubescent and lonely
5:31 p.m. 2007-01-17

We have forgotten sunsets here in this twin city echo of drywall and cheap carpeting. windows reflected cracked semblances of our nullified dreams when we peek to the skies and icestorms shudder angels painted in nimbulus every time it rains. There are lights here that burn the endless possibilities of our everysecond inhalations to vague coatings of flourescence and closest space shadows. The streets are aching underneath our bootsoles and we cry out every time it gets cold. Concrete foundations have tumbled in on themselves endlessly and are smearing parks and forests inseperable shades of gray. We have exhumed ghosts from graves to dance with, and we trace circles under cities from midnight on. The hallways are lining themselves with dust and the fragrance of forgetfullness and the essense our passingsby no longer distub them. We have worn creases into walkways and traverse them daily to inevitabilities and tomorrows that we could paint with our eyes closed. And the sun never sets colors anymore. So we wrap ourselves in nighttime and struggle to see the stars.

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