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truth with a capital T
5:41 p.m. 2007-01-16

you always were one for burning. You lit the sky with violence and rendered our shattering of nightskies with reverie irrelevant and you strike matches on the pages of words you've loved to humble the scourge of imperfections writ bloodwise and crooked upon our lips. And when the sun is out you hide your lighters like scars and whisper angels into the ears of lovers. And you lie with her in the memory of all the fires you've never lit through this conflagaration of incessant screaming that shudders over aerial scapes of windridden clouds to tear the teeth from love songs and spring breezes. You tumble fountains through ash infested mouths and single out the beloved for retribution. And when the world becomes its eternal void of compromising positions and rancorous truths you will capitalize the things you've treasured with Time and Truth to spare. You will sever the columns of becoming with your insistance on it all. And the world can never be a better place if we burn to change it. Wipe tears over fistfights and sweep chalkoutlines from photo albums little boy, and smile like you mean it when the world bleeds your least favorite colour. Stop hating all the things you can't change and don't understand. Strike a match for me, boy, and tattoo "Truth" on your elbows to break your fall.

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