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Letters over seas
2:11 a.m. 2006-04-08

Tonight i tapped stringent apologies onto the backsides of oncemailed letters in a rhythm to keep the pace of your heartbeat echoing between sheets covered in malice and sin. I stripped old words from pages worn by the tempo emotional pleas and converted four letter syllables. The colors of the ink that stained paper like the final fragmentary grace of your cyclical suicide emanated apathy and eighteen years of deceitful promise. Drenched talent across lines measured rule and whet this pen to the song of your salivating hunger and the knowledge of last words scrawled frantic in a last impression of last moments. Cathartic stain on pristine surface to captivate my mind with sonnets and epitaphts. Regardless, regards and in reference to the elegance of your signature there is no face waiting on the other side of death to save us.

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