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Mumbling of Citadels
2:13 a.m. 2006-04-08

a hierarchy of circitraz litnized scars trembling over ruptured hallways. Cauterazied lacerations echoing manifest tissue like delsusions tumbling abrupt splitseam in synapse aversion to signify capillary compromise as vessels arch in scatterings of irridescent daydreams in stilting shambles. This projected citidel encircling revenant as dirge echoes imminent in blacked streetlamps and the maw of this city. Verbatim this strangled prayer masked divinity marked in abberation as the veils collapse in shards. Today the sun scattered flailings over porcelain in the involuntary response to your eyes tracing the scape of my destined flaws in continuation of this suicide. The tranquil gaps in skin that foretell the past foreshadow hypnotic hymns in the grief stricken wails of tomorrow's inevitability like every smile reverberates through hallways in warped distortion as sighs emanate wails and the belltower is taking its toll. Shiver the craft of these ees to perceive the deception inherent in flawlines dictating reality in painting of scenery with shambled perception and there is no blood left to be spilled tonight.

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