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lets just say...
2:10 a.m. 2006-04-08

Wracked by the guilt of every impact of anguished angels that burnt shadows into sidewalk in the trail of footsteps you left. Neon lights awash and the lines of your face facets of radiance in your turning away and your fading as twilight. The streets that arch insignificant and eternal like the surreal breath fading from the back of my neck are possessed by winds that shudder your name in endless perpetuation. And I find there is no forgetting. A sudden bursting of bulbs as the photograph immortalizes splitsecond descisions and we pretend that those fractionious moments are representative of time and space. In abandoned houses the strings of ivory peel in lilting caricature of your laugh in the lonliness filling empty spaces like emotion could be tangible. The evanescent viscera of old haunts are looming in grim intangile constants and peripheral vision, flashbacks like impacts and the endless repetition of these cyclical days. You came tumbling to earth in one skull splitting moment of reality and purged every luminscent daydream floating freefall past weathered photographs. And your name is carried on every reeking breeze on every decrepet street since the day you left.

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