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Like, i totally rewrote your poem you bastard
2:11 a.m. 2006-04-08

Hypnotic the glare of blank space that reverberated endlessly in conscription of His promise of endless possibility. And I existed in this vibrant void my understanding a mirroring of this etheral eternity stretching out as apparition. In the beginning, I was nothing, and there was nothing. Yet I awoke as child born of divinity and in His image distraught for I had a body but no mind to accompany it. And my eyes burned in the sudden scathing of vision and sight and I had no ability to conceive of this scape that He had created as dwelling. Yet in my innocence came His voice whispering intangible utterances and I named the vaguary of shape blocking sunlight a tree at His beckoning. I was alive now, yet only in past tense rememberings can i comprehend what came to pass for at the time there was no mind behind my childish eyes and until there was she, there was still nothing. Perfection manifest in curvature of form and the glinting in her eyes was more blinding than stars overhead when she smiled and offered me knowledge. And I took what I was offered in gratitude and then He spoke. "Son I asked you not to eat from that tree yet you did so." and in the dawning of His voice there rang sanity in my cavernous skull and I replied "My name is Adam and I only took what was offered to me." In that moment I became as I am and in casting me out He gave me myself soul and sight. Eve and I we left gracefully, well she did, I tripped and broke my nose and inevitably learned what pain was. THe irridescence of my blood scattered in pools around my form bore truth like it spilled from capillaries and I realized the truth of this world. And nine months later Eve came to understand as well, with the birth of our first son Cane. The beauty of this world rang from every hilltop and sang echoes through trees in windswept song and my heart burst with exuberation. In eating that apple I found shame longing confusion pain, but I also found joy. Since the day I was cast out i have searched desperate for readmittance, not to reclaim lost innocence, rather to reapproach god's throes and teach him the unspeakable beauty of that claimed original sin. ANd when goes embraces his fallibility and becomes as we have become, then the incomprehensible void of heaven will be illuminated with the awe of his imagnings.

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