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11:31 p.m. 2006-03-25

The city wilts flame in culmination of this recreation of heartbreak we've created with intertwined fingers and the sharded whispers of farewells and forgiveness. Like chalk outlines encircling cities in penchants of aberration and the selfrighteous suicide of angels in three piece suits and stilleto heels this vibrant decadence is itinerant descrepency masking decay and the phantasm of fulfillment lurking crookside in streets and shadows. The arc of parkways rife with the abandonment of your name in inutterable whisperings and laced with frailty. Overhead stars shudder in mimickry of smiles and the words that traipse over airwaves on summers day feel like lovers and the touch of yesterday and maybe i've lost all ability to convey this but tomorrow, things will be different.

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