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1:30 a.m. 2006-03-13

They bled strangled exhalations like the rapturous tumbling of citadels. Divinity lacing frosted windows and corners darkened by time immaculate in retrospective obscurity and the ambience of resonating frequencies (the words drifting between us like static and snowfall.) Aversion to this honesty like you wrote in sleep and writs upon shambling dreamscapes to the tattooes meandering on the underside of eyelids. I would engrave the progression of losing myself in starlight at the expense of moonlit expansion for the sake of a greater understanding and these words echo off the hallowed walls of underground sanctuaries reverberating like hymns and I swear I need (mean) this and i'm so afraid i'll never learn. And you've set it down; the porcelain reminscient of jetlag as cobwebs arc irridescent through pristine skies and the snowflakes radiate patterns in the batting of eyelids. Over and over again this echo like the dead whispers in old houses and it feels like i'm losing you all over again

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