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12:28 a.m. 2006-01-25

I've been sitting in darkened rooms wells past midnight when the snowflakes keel across empty streets like the remnants of heaven and the ticking of your old clock on the wall is the bassline to my heartbeat's melody. Fading photographs with time takes measured doses and the diseases that crept into the warm places of my soul sang songs like lovers lacing fingers together upon mattresses doubling as recluse and safehaven. Its almost like waking up. Division streetside to face trackmarks and tearlines tracing cheeks and the shape of your face lined in the passing. Weathered are the books written in time with our lives deciphering meaning amongst wellwishers and journalistic integrity. I've been hiding behind glass and midnight to weaken this sense of emptiness that grips souls like steel cages and concrete fixtures are riddling this heart with excavation.

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