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The towers
1:21 a.m. 2006-01-09

vicarious the note you wrote that sent shockwaves across spines and over ocean tieds to split the seams of windowsills in rememberance of the content and in devotion to the shape of the script. Post dated bringing paper promises, ink stained, to be brought into effect at a later date, when you you have it all together and are through being afraid of consequences regardless of the action. Trembling fingers holding weathered paper while raindrops on panes of glass that reflect light and divination trace imitations of posted leters and the rain forms words, perfect recreations of your handwriting and paralysis ceases continuation because its just too much to process this inaugeration of innumerable emotional fragilities. Windchill swept sidewalk the gravity sets in and the reek of discontent is haunting airwaves and parkways to facilitate the the severing of ties from bonds that dictate the pace of our lives and the volution of our selfves. You were immaculate in you flaws and the device by which those imperfections were abolished is as cancer overbearing in resonance to describe lost souls of heartwrenching and nostalgia. Over the radio you feel so far away

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