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5:01 p.m. 2006-01-04

Windswept your hair in anxiety ridden with the final incision to dictate withering and decisive collapse. Pinprick ridden the scapel drawn overhead in extension and division twin entity derived from wintered pressure, pledge the cut and avenge past tense disaster as crimson tide stains curtails of sterile steel in the flashlight glare of flourescent excavation lights. When the skies fall apart we'll be left to pick up the pieces. (they found the ceilings marked with that occurence) A testament to aggravated abberation and the split that slit her capillaries was in mine own mind as the ground shook and the sky unseen faded to black and the crowing was an echo from the deep. As the siren sang the corrupt crevaces of this hidden hiding place were torn out and displayed in that fence. I know not why it was rent, her tender lifesblood, nor the progression towards inversion that led to the disappearance of her body, under heaven there is no excuse no revision no history. The severing that ended all founts of revelation and starstriken appirations of aspiring young love will rest on these two hands with unease and certainty, in knowing that souls striken unearthed this incarnation, in this light will the tyranny take place and will you all cower? (They'll find the words written of her in the light where they'll be sure to understand) and the stars will sunder with the coming of this delusionary twist brought on by pensive betrayal and the division of self. "and you will know me, by the trail of dead"

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