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12:44 a.m. 2006-01-02

Deviations over icescapes and snowfields. Ancient hymns that are echoing from the hillsides in dedication to you. and there's a void in the sunset cut to fit the photograph we took together on the ninth day of the realization that love did exist. City streets paint your name in birdseye and buildings arch to resemble the shape of your eyes. Backlit windows and canopied parkways overlooking the parks where we used to walk and new lovers sit idling under trees. I would inject veins into stained glass or engrave the architecture of my affection into canvas and steel. Geometric designs fit patterns designated to formulate the composition of your wonder- and fail miserably. On front porches young children sit dreaming of futures untainted by the progression of time and the clouds are haunting in their resemblence to you.
They sat among a scattering of leaves, curbside to the linear progression of sunsets and the contrails left in the recession of passing headlights. Fingers intertwined captivated by the collage of color and abberation, eyes squeezed shut to the breeze of cars and skylights, they were watching the entirety of love and division behind closed eyelids. Etheral and intangible coloration of imaginative scapes and scenarios destined to perpetuate themselves, events birthed by the conception of their occurence, prophecy written silently on street corners through imaginings. Two lovers sitting curbside to ponder the progression of their love. The sunt sets and eyes open wide to the reckoning and the realization and as the clouds overcast cutouts of stars cutting pathways of light through vast gray eternity, two lovers awakening to two conclusive realizations. And he whispers, "don't leave me," while she sighs "There was never any hope for this," and as that edifice constructed of dreaming and cloudrorms rent apart night skies in a sundering of saline and sobbed laughter two lovers parted ways for no reason other than imaginings.

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