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Don't ask Why
1:12 a.m. 2005-12-26

Post script addendum to forsake the echo of words unsaid in the backrooms of houses somewhere out there. Redemptive apologies scribbled slantwise over wrinkled paper in this travesty of a tradition, the prevailing impersonality of jotted loveletters and notes. Disavowed these responsibilities like miscarriage and the rthymic. Littered the gutter with typecast poetry and knotted line to divert the flow of water from heartache to you. Deride predefined alternatives and the objection struck over spacetime and crimson detonations of flowers in the sky to signify the deformation of linear curves of time and your body. (i'd split stars just to...) Eliptical orbit over deaththreat obituaries and every line is a bomb, every thud of the keys a symphony to sing your destruction. Severedsecond deliberation and structural alterations will leave you bleeding on your knees in worship of this great edifice ("and chalk outlines will circle this city") Its like a thousand firings and the victims of arson revisiting ashes to eviscerate the depravity of events occuring hereafter and the hearshot kid disaster is a looming divination. No more bruises on-

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