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Perhaps soon?
10:31 p.m. 2005-11-17

Poised like angels upon the peaks of these narrow rocks we wait for a sign. Crimson sunrise in bitter greeting to this final day while worthless thoughts creep so ineptly across my mind and there's no point. sing your love songs and ravish the board and just, take it all until you're satisfied and glorious in your victory. Its not that I want to jump, I just have nothing to hold on to. Shattered faith and you've got it all wrong, you used to be right but not so much any more. I've learned to let people burn on their own if they want. You're all fucking ugly anyway, so what does it matter? Until you're compared to me that is. In comparison you are etheral. Anyway the point is, the peaks are the only place that feels like home, there's nothing to hold on to really because i was given only the smallest of gifts and no stage to present them upon. I have no faith no talent. So in the shivering fragility of that last sunset i'll take a final jump and see where that takes me. But we'll have to fast forward first.

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