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It was like Waking Up
1:50 a.m. 2005-10-21

The limbs of crystalline trees interlocking like the web of some elegant fragile spider. Overlapping this eloquence, this fragmented massing of words, there is soulful expression of utter loss. Among the stars, those weaving constellations that pertain to our future and the distant past withheld in graceful points of light, there is a message scrawled in your beautiful handwriting; simple words that could reflect the true path of this soul's journey. And the grass beneath our bare feet is soft and cool, and I long to lie here with you, under these bright stars. We could explore the arc of the sky, the junction of space and dreams. You could tell me the future as you see it in that sprawling sky. Whisper that plan in my ear as the clouds fall and the stars fade in the dawning. And we'll turn our backs to the sunrise, and its glory will be painted on our eyelids in all its distant passion and your hand will be cold in mine as the sun rises and the mists of early morning enshroud us. I would never threaten the dreams or belittle them, the ones that create epics in the skyline. I cannot promise, however, the I would never seek to peer into that world you've created.

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