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The trail
11:46 p.m. 2005-10-07

Immaculate. All things destructive borne in this helix single framed to demonstrate fragility. Never what it was meant to be and how do they fall in love while i am left to burn? It is my own doing this drawing back this hiding. The only cancer here is in my mind not in who i associate with or how i was raised. And I realize the cruelty of your code, the brutality in your pathetic make. The way you lash out and the way you hide and you shouldn't be here... you shouldn't have access to my thoughts or my soul because you are nothing to love and you've made it such. Enough with you. In the tales woven through starways and the paths between spaces I find the reasons and the explanations and I will step back as you fall in love because i could never belong in your arms... its not in MY make. I'm sorry i'm sorry, for the steps i made you take never again will i meddle in your affairs because i want nothing but all of who you are, I want the warmth and I shouldn't look for it. Deepest regrets and deepest condolences for the lives i've murdered, the silken strands of fate i've detached from the web. No more nothing left and I will hide away my heart to make you smile. This is a brand new regression.
What else is there to wish for?
When you hate the friends you know and see no warmth from the friends you hope to make where do you run. My place is not with all of you and there's no place for me with them. So where can I find a place i belong? I'll start over soon and leave you all to your love

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