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9:46 p.m. 2005-10-06

Who are you? Where are you hiding and how do I make you come to life?
Universal to see the weakness quivering in the souls of these tattered paper people. The plague to curse this concertina to unravel a tightly woven facade, a mask to become reality through your own subtle voice. Who are you? Like nothing before a revenant and the shallow grave to unwind and reverse the past in wavering cascades of your future in past tense. As machines to reinvert and revert to past wishing... desire and i thought this was something long gone. Dust to kick up the memory of a windswept lane we kicked our feet over. In the end its the tolling of a clock and the toiling over photographs to break the spell and these words are for you.
So tell me where you are and I'll come running

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