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In exortium
8:49 p.m. 2005-10-04

In the night these footsteps ring hollow echoes against these rainswept streets. It is all in the perception. And here's the truth of it. You perceive me as the villain or the savior, I am whatever you decide to make me for you are a creature of amorpheous views. I am not blind nor am I lost I simply choose a path that obscures my sight. I grant you my words and with them the choice to see them how you want. The same words each time and may you react with anger or with love, whatever be your path. Don't think I can't see the steps I trace or the motivations behind them, its simply hard to fathom the forces at work inside. I sit here wondering why you react with anger and malice to cut this child down and again it is only my sight that shows that rage, it is intangible and subtle and its existence is unknown. But I tell you this, it hurts... not the words yet the tone perceived. And at this juncture what to believe... are you severing ties with vicious strokes or is this simple delving? Regardless I would hope to steal into your dreams as something more than you make me, I am fragile as we all are but I am not weak and I am no fool. When you dream of me do not dream of me as doddering; I am nothing of the sort and maybe the dream will be one of beauty if you choose to see me as such. Its all up to you really

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