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If you have faith
10:22 p.m. 2005-09-29

Buried among the tattered sotrylines and the invented fiction of past lives and alternate realities this vision of tendencies unleashed and its all on the timeline. So you create something unreal vested with fragments of your own reality to captivate the hiding hearts. To grace the eyes of the unconverted to picture their fraglity and display it in thie digital binary. To write a story dictating love and fellowship and the cancer reverberating between and to shed light on shadowed humanity and our enraptured nature. To plauge and discard, to ravage and make real the nightmare. So I don't know how it will end but they're blossoming from the page in crimson and blood and tragedy to haunt this vacant mind and revist old lives. Sowhat if I don't know how it will end? I've found a beginning for this timeline and the events in between. It will come with time

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