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The Frame to Hold the Day
5:28 p.m. 2005-09-28

So this is where it started in the city on the lake in some revelation and some measure of understated peace. Tranquility to match this pulse. We were whatever exactly it was we were, fragile and human and unspeakably beautiful, just like the rest of them passing by on the pavement to hide. Encased in bone and flesh these minds to sunder and score and swirl through chemicals. Something utterly and completely transcendant of the science they had made out of our make. The inexplicable beauty of emotion and unmatched affection as we spent our nights entertwined. Oh my dearest where has it gotten to now? The clearest possible picture. Sitting in that wooden vessel hand in hand under stars and sun and His eyes were upon us even turned away. Windswept whisperings of perfection uttered without a sound carrying the scent of summer over that placid mirror lake to grant us paradise. There was no shattering of enchantments no end to the dream as she smiled at me and spoke the words that struck me so. To put it plain there's no need to hide anymore my dear, I love you. And the water lapped against this vessel to keep the beat of our hearts and the trees and the grass swayed softly to that pulse as the sky wept at the beauty of it all sprinkling purest tears through the lancing gems of sunlight that erupted from on high. She held me close, the electricity between our skin and the heat of her lips as they brushed mine to perfectly countermatch the cool breeze and warm golden light. Something sacred, something distant and tragic now but just so unspeakably wonderful. I remember the kiss and the tone of the words and the shudder creeping through me. "I love you."
To put it short its gone, she painted it so tenderly and we're still sitting on that glass lake in vaguaries and undefined lines in that frame. Its all that's left.

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