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8:57 p.m. 2005-09-13

To project my soul into paper, to express this feverish bout of passion in words and phrases that feel so inconsequential. A quest to write out my life and times with simplicity and tragedy. Fuck it. There's something important hiding in your eyes and to wake up... to wake up over the stars and above your damnable eyes. The letters and the pictures scarring my walls its time to leave to float away and over all there is a sound of ambience, background noise to foreshadow the evanescence and becoming. Repossesed shadows shed across the street in a mimickry of humanity and there is so much to learn. Am i the only one waiting to get lost? One fucking wilted rose cast upon the street corner in a litany of passions. And you were standing twelve feet back waiting for something to hit you when we were screaming at you to join us. Don't you want to know what it feels like to be consumed in something intangible? You've lost yourself in liquor and men too many times and you've forgotten the beautiful pure madness inside yourself. Just dance and scream your lungs out.

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