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Elevation through degredation
12:33 a.m. 2005-09-10

Amidst reprimand and rapid fire. Mingled umong the holy and the profane. A tyranny in our breast that captures myriad dreams within the unattainable and holds them high above the rooftops. And its such a view and maybe someday we'll share it.
Your rage was inspiring in its fearful possessions; a visionary imprint of burnt ashen wings upon the tapestry of the most high. Has this become your entirety? Rage and fear and the mechanical distortions of graceful creation? Is there nothing left inside you? My aching heart... it cannot aspire to understand a soul completely consumed by malevolence and it may be a damnable sin but why can't i hope for something good in you? Legend says that He will return for your redemption and you are so supernatural and so beyond human understanding, in your degredation and your callow innards. But honestly... why do you wreak this havok on mankind, a smoldering ruination of magnificant wings; He has not given up on you and yet the rest of us have. Is this the absolution of your rage, the entirety of the pain that eats you; our fear, our inability to understand. Perhaps you exist in some plane, and perhaps you are some abstract or maybe there is nothing of you but in the hearts of man. Just the same, its a shame you hurt so. All this torture can't make you happy, so just stop. There is no pleasure in murder, even for the deranged.
You are a shadow but a beautiful one at that. Maybe nothing real or something imagined but the idea of you is tangible enough. And i've learned not to hope, its really never of any use; but to play around with the idea, as an impossibility nothing more, maybe that's not so bad. I really don't know, its instinctual by now, to assume the worst. Whatever

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