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I am so small
12:39 a.m. 2005-09-03

amidst all this pain there is suicide and there is no tragedy. A graphic description and a flawed beautiful girl lying dead in the water. Ruby red and crimson tide. You will never be forgotten by this boy despite the small role you've played in the shaping of this soul. And you know what, you don't have the strength to make yourself happy and I will never make you smile. Is a letter too much to ask for? I thought a night with you was a small favor to ask, but i was wrong and is this too big of a final request? I'm glad you feel it too, i'm glad you feel cut out because you do it to us all the time. Let it suffocate you. I am drained and I don't know what to think and is there anything to show me the light. And i don't have to explain myself to you, all i can say is that I am who i am nothing more. And you, i miss you and i want to be a part of your world again but how can i do it from so far away? The cold is unbearable.
So we'll sit out in the snow as we drown our sorrows
these are the last wrods to those of you who may never see me again. And even if you pass me by you won't see.
A raging tide of insignificance and I mean so little

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