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For you
10:18 p.m. 2005-08-29

In silent commiseration the dead are conversing, under a granite tribute and the final resting words a relinquishing of lost souls. In shattered pitch and ruined tone the vibrations of panning whispers overflow from the graves, a languishing drone resonating in profane innumerations. And overhead the lovers commence in silence and cold, entertwined fingers and matches in the dark. Excommunicate the proliferation of spirits risen, under lock and key a secret kept driven from the coffin's nails. Smoke and a perpetuation of unholy rebirth. From below frozen earth the revenant arise, cancerous and craving. Exult the triumph and a vile trembling as the lovers flee. Blood will stain the altar once more, and the dead dance in the fane revisiting past belief in an extinguished god.
And above it all the steel flies on. Sterile corridors and the gleam of electric lights, the shadow of this vessel betrays the light of the stars and murders a full moon. Slithering through a void of needles and the quiet vaccum. Drifting in silence in the eternity of space this steel monstrosity is the mother of delirium. Aboard the environs, a spilling of crimson to stain the deck, and the echoes of terror rebound from the hull. Its there in the shattered glass and the ravaged aspect, a countenance and a final whisper to reflect. Once this being was human and necessitating this aberation, the mutation has transfixed scarred red eyes in a splintering of morality and cataracts. The withered revision of humanity prowls through metal and scalding light, an end and a silencer of the heartbeats of man. And aboard this vessel the heavy breathing of the remaining survivors awaiting extinction is the only facet.
Above and below they face us, the extinguishers of the living, possessed by dire hatred for the face of man. We will die here.

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