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Over and out
12:51 a.m. 2005-08-28

Ivory and porcelain to cover your dreams and the waking moments collective in this chamber. Excess and delusion, acrid scents and the memories we struggle to forget. The look of broken anguish in her eyes and you keeping me at arms length with a smile and a sneer. All of the things i want to say that will never pass my lips and the smoke exhumes old grudges. Headlights. Streetlamps. Fading sunsets and an amber glow. Overlooking this city, a guardian angel with tattered wings and despair weighs heavily. Black silken ribbons caught in spring's wind whispering of decay and old romance gone sour. Angelic calls and stuttering echoes of endearment and its more than we can stand. Cover the photographs with black paper, imagine a time when hearts were whole and smiles were real. Every step a wounding, every breath a bomb. Standing on the corner watching cars go by and wondering. From the sidewalk every glance is a way out and from the earth the stars are and escape plan. Essence and nostalgia, euphoria and depravity. Diligence, patience, endurance. Everlasting; immortality granted to the hollow and the fragile. You looked utterly at peace sitting in the passenger seat of my car, waiting to disappear. Static over the radio, a few crucial words drowned out in frequency showers. Overhead and overcast. Gray skies. Conscripted depressions, cyclical thinking and the terms of the deal, an agreement over the ashtray and a goodbye in the parking garage. Concrete and flourescent lighting. There is no exit, no escape, no emergency backup plan. Hang on, I'm standing at the edge.

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