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Its digital baby
11:05 p.m. 2005-08-24

A collection of essays left at bus stop benches awaiting discovery. These are the views and the philosophies that animate our breathing and give some deeper meaning to the act of living. I will leave my truths in plain view unsigned and anonymous so that those around me can share in the folly and perception of a lost boy with hair in his eyes. Share with me your mysteries, tell me the quiet thoughts and profound realities that exist intangible behind your beautiful eyes. Lets tell each other all the secrets we've been witness to in hopes that by becoming the same mind we can become more than mere mortal thought. Lets create landscapes with our imaginations.
And i'm struggling with this medium to bring something new to the stage. Simple words and turn of phrase, a well used vocabulary invented centuries past. I'll use the same old words to give new meaning to the world around you. I'm not trying to tell a story or describe the scene, i'm trying to build a palace of nonexistent feeling within. They say that chemicals provoke the strongest emotion and I'm trying to synthesize those chemical reactions with letters and digital binary, each letter is an illusion of light formed through fiberoptics into something you can absorb. Breathe in these words and see how you feel.

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