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Planetary Promenade
10:41 p.m. 2005-08-17

In come the tides, deep purple and a fading memory to liquify past tense. Scarlet your tears painted in trailing stains in the sky. Over this city halos of despair encircle angels. Picture me on the streets. Invoke an image playing in the back of your mind, a child with childish enthusiasm and the faint whistle of a last dirge carried on distant winds. I will haunt the pavement bathed in dirty light and I will ponder the reasons. We will look to the world around us hoping to find God and knowing that the rocks and stones will not light up in divine manifestation. Its so hard not to feel alone. Have you found this? Where is it, what is the reason for this? If you are in everything why can't i feel you? Don't ask me to open any wider, I'm already threatening to burst. One more day under summertime. The winds are coming and with them winter. Nevermind

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