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Chapter One
12:26 a.m. 2005-08-11

"Someday the whispers will echo across hollow streets stripping the facade and leaving you naked in the snow. You will be a reverberation through time and the hearts of men. A visionary cataclysm that reaps the souls of the men who fall in supplication and surrender. Someday you will rain blood upon the cities and a halo of twilight encircles your past present and future. The tenses of the tones you speak will shatter preconceptions and the fragile ideals of man. In the abyss of those blue eyes, a clear summer's night and the chill of a vengeful winter, there is a nothingness to consume the trials and the errors. There is a waking death, a summoning of revenant trails that stalk the ground beneath the feet of the hallowed. There is a ringing in the night, a disturbance of the silence that brought you here. At the dawning of your birth i speak these words of prophetic conception. A reckoning is coming, and they will know you by the trail of dead."
A shuddering sigh at the verge of crimson daybreak and the ancient turns aside. There is nothing left to see here. Shrouded in secrets and the wise his gray cloak a shadow against a pale dawn. With staggered steps he departs, spilling his age upon the ground and leaving nothing but thought in his wake. Coincidental this meeting, and the trick of a foretold future told over a newborn child. The lovers remain, seated, watching the seer depart; a momentary disruption of a quiet life that will never bother them again.
And so he grew, simply and miraculously. The magic of age and the infusion of experience shaping a tearful babe into this youth. He is tall and lean, graceful and powerful, a quiet tree unbending in wind and storm. And those blue eyes still cut the heavens, stripping away defenses and baring the souls of the misfortunant. Cold eyes that strike doubt, the clearest blue tearing at your heart. These were the eyes of the boy always, quiet, always still. Contemplating the vastness of eternity, those eyes would be forever piercing your insides were you to spend any amout of time in his shadow. Those were the eyes of a boy who would change the world.

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