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There's something on the sidewalk
11:31 a.m. 2005-07-19

And if we're just people, just voices shifting on sudden winds and the scent of your skin on airwaves, if this is all we are, all we'll ever be then why not make something more? We are not transcendant, we are not eternal and graceful, but we are beautiful bodies colliding in space with quiet steps over clouds in the crimson sunset. We are hope we are passion and we are capable of creating something everlasting. Don't you want them to envy you? Don't you want them to sigh and write songs for this moment? We are shadows and candlelight we are the castoff dreams and the wandering whispers of desire and daydreaming. Set your feet in pace with mine and we'll travel this sky, traversing thunderstorms and glass houses, ravaging maelstroms tamed to soothing by the sound of your breathing. Rise up the sun and we'll sit on the bus. Will you wonder at the stars and the shapes engraved in a black canvas by the heat of imaginings. I promise its not flattering. And so what if it wasn't what you expected, who gives a fuck if you didn't want this because its all happened and here's a sonnet for you laced with beauty and nostalgia. But never regret. Never again will we wish it never happened. If you're a god then what does that make the rest of us and what's the point of being in control of dominance is a blindfold leading you to perpetuation of blindness. Stop pushing forward when nothing makes sense with the strain. And we'll collapse in the grass with laughter and look at how beautiful the sky can be and can you feel the earth beneath your fragile body, calling you lover and welcoming you home.
Too many machines. Not enough inspiration

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