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12:23 a.m. 2005-07-15

So you've been saving time to spend on summer sunsets when the rain comes and the wind kisses your lashes. Mascara stains and scars on paper. Dementia and a progressive divulgence of past history to attempt a salvation, reconvene and salvage memory. Set fire to the shorelines, waves that collapse this sand and the coast is coal and photographs. Clutch tight to the blade and the redeeming light revealed in staining silver steel with shafts of moonlight. Vivid imagery and an inability to let go, carress withered hands in an effort to rehabilitate frail flesh, you can't save the dying. Have we lost the spark to carry these words and have you caught me on the parkway painting the streets with premonitions? And like repetition this is the same old shit. Revolutions and a spinning disc to set the mood and there's been talk of electric sunsets, amber and gold in neon illumination. They've created a digital nightmare baby. Half-formed and staggered to projection illusionary images of perfection and a girl who has it all together. In your consistent recovery and perpetual selfabuse we see the love and the loss. You are slipping

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