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Don't make me
12:15 a.m. 2005-07-11

spacetide everlasting and everafter the fall these rings die silent echoed through steel corridors. Neverending and a perpetuation of utter isolation dividing ourselves form the world with grace and glimmering hints of tearstained cheeks. This isn't who we are and we're meant to be so much more than they've been telling us we are. Liar. I'll never love these fingers the way i love the touch of a heart on mine through speech and a hidden hand creating sensation. ANd you cried at the most opportune time and sent me tumbling over the edge. I'll admit it, i care and I want you to be next to me. The greatest kiss i ever had rang true, tears staining your cheeks and a face only halflit from the streetlight. A smile through sorrow and the taste of your sadness on my lips and the wetness of you anguish pressed to my face. I loved you. Do you remember? FUck nostalgia, this past left its scars and you're covering my arms to pretend the wounds don't exist. But they're still here baby.

A bloodied reminder of the sins committed. I will incise and devour your goodness and there will be nothing left but footsteps on concrete past midnight. You take your walks alone and i'll dream of the day you die with your regrets on your sleeve. How many times have we let this slip by.? Whisper a farewell over the line and the transgressions cover this world. NEver again will you breathe for me. A knife and a starry night and it will be the end for the both of us.
I swear i'll do it

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