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8:38 p.m. 2005-07-06

Cliched tragedy and the focal point of your green eyes counteracting the sense of serenity reflected in the words on your tongue. Mirrored are the emotional attachments of your heart in these colored waters and you are reenacting my greatest fears with shadows and glass. The severing of cord and line the ending of this digital romance, you are quiet and selfassured as he paints your name on walls dictating his affections and his fucking obsession. Your fingers clutched tight on silver steel and edged endings. This is your fault.
On to better things than you.
Honestly, I am tired of the way your hands held this truth so close and I am cutting shreds from lies with your own truth and the fault at hand. This was my fault but I'm changing my ways and you will not cut this quilt from the stars or the sky above, I will make the rules to live by this time. I will make my own life. So let me start off saying... can I have you?

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