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12:11 a.m. 2005-06-14

and this ones for you dreamer. These bruised fingers and poetic injustices plauging the city streets. These headlights these jumbled words contradictory and subtle. This songs for you dreamer.
What if we were nothing else?
Sitting crosslegged in the sun with your hair in your eyes and that smile on your lips kissing the sky. Oceanic formations forming in greenest grasses vibrations lifted from symphonies to wave this surface. And you're looking at me with so many expectations and fears and there's nothing but the mirroring of your eyes keeping this possibility in existence. Please don't blink, i'm so afraid it'll disappear. you've been playing a game sweetheart pretending you're ok. Like you've got it together and the shadows cast by anxiety and treetops don't exist. You've been smiling at me pretending nothing's wrong. Scatter the clouds across your skin in graceful irridescence. You are the warmth and the dreams that threaten us with languid invasion. You're broken, I can see it i swear i see the scars. I know you've been hurting there've been knives nestled in your palms for the longest time now. But i just wanted you to know you're beautiful.
I'll write you a letter, a pen and pencil confirmation of this affinity between us

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