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Ringing all the warning bells
11:58 p.m. 2005-05-30

A shower of bloodletting cascade these confessions over troubled waters and the sky overhead. Filter the stuttering twilight through crimson glasses to revert your sense of innocence to a time when childisnhess was a blessing. Spill upon me your troubles and your assertations like truth and the sunlight. The scent of your divulged deviations to cast a spell over our quiet lips. "in exchange for your conspiracy..." At best you were bleeding. Can you call this hope and we are not responsible for the digging. Revelations are self professed to create a ligitimate scene. Until your words become your own nothing will be honest and until you speak of your own freewill without prying or prodding then no burdens will be lifted. I remember the color of the quilt on your bed and the stains left behind. Can't you see that a promise made is more important than a promise kept and the intention is the essence of these words. Can you feel my soul through binary code as your static converts this? Don't you see? Everyone else is writing love letters. I'll be sitting on my back porch writing love songs to nonexistence and a girl that was never there. At least i think you faded out. Signal broken up by the dirge of the radio and the mourning after. And right now. Happiness is not a chosen path.. and confessions are not forced. When you're ready it will all fall down.

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