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11:43 p.m. 2005-05-26

we crossed swords at sunset to accompany the spilling of confessions tainted crimson by a orbital betrayal of light and feeling. This will happen again and again and you're walking away. String these songs across the sky with stars and whimsy. We're wishing that things would be something else. An honest tragedy is so hard to find covering lies with honesty and the flatline on the machine is the signal. So we'll fade out with picturebooks and spoken word as you light tracers across the sky my lamps are burning bright. Locked in this room with a pen and paper lets just save the time to bleed on the page in prose and a planned attempt at introspection. Bullets sear and fire mutilates these histories to change truth to fiction and she isn't who you thought she was. Following you across the interstate walking away. I'll fire away with remnants of flame and the pages of your diaries dictating perception. There is nothing to say and the fascination is fading as the vocabulary shrinks with time and effort. Bleed simplicity to save the world. But who will save the liars and the cheats? Fuck you

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