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I love you
11:54 p.m. 2005-05-25

Like your cancer and like a fire inside these words caress and scar. You spent your insides out saying the things to move us and its all ending with a simple smile to collapse cataracts of nostalgic selfimage. A mirrored sacrifice and a past-tense longing looking in the glass now can this be something real? Lost are the days of ambiguity and a blurred definition of reality. Replace burnmarks and photographs with aged neglect and the pockmarks on your eyes. Speaking of which. You've been telling stories... casting porcelain images on my heart with the glances you steal. So come on take it away lets get this started. Beneath the stars there is a breath waiting to irradicate our sins and since you came to the door nothing has been the same. So you said you didn't know what to say and its a heartbreaker. We shared the steps on moonlit sidewalks casting shadows over broken glass and fragile affections. The path led home and there's no place left to go so whats going to happen when we say that this is the end?
I miss you

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