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Strong enough for...
12:09 a.m. 2005-05-23

So this is how it will go. These words will be like fires and it will go on forever. We'll sit and talk for hours and at the end of it nothing will be said. Except for the kind of things that break hearts and dry eyes. Or we'll never find anything to say at all. Would you be content with writing it in a letter knowing that those words will travel over oceans to kiss the skies? We will lay under the sun with fingers entertwined. And every breath you take will spill these grass blades to wilting. We'll just waste time waiting for the sun die. And you'll sigh and say it was the best day... lets never do this again. Or maybe i'll never see you again.
Its the kind of scribbled note waiting crumpled on the counter that kills us.

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