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What if
11:19 p.m. 2005-05-17

So we'll pretend at drowning with our hearts clutched in velvet. Together with quiet mouths and the anxiety of a nulspace. Save these strings for the woundings to come and save your condolences for the families to falter. She was on her knees in desperation as the sunlight filtered through crimson glass and the arrogance of gods. A clairvoyant murmur becoming the haunt of this sacred place as your supplication cripples. A shattering of glass and an outpouring of sorrow as we are all forsaken in clarity and an instant of intervention. "Look elsewhere child, there is no salvation here." This is vulnerability, lying naked and bleeding on the floor of this church. And we just want things to be simple again. Save your time and save you worries. Save your heart for someone with deeper eyes. Step up to this idol and confess your imaginations to the falsehood. A silent liar and the oceans are coming alive in your anguish. So scream louder now. And a windswept plain dark grass and black dresses a backdrop to this tragedy. Each tear is constructed of porcelain and crystal as we sing our hurt to the ones we miss. Over and out Captain.

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