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Just for you girlie
10:04 p.m. 2005-05-16

Paint your face up darling. Forgotten words repentant and the things we saved for tomorrow. These are the storms that assure us of our existence. This is the pain that provides an endless ray of hope. Absolve yourself of guilt to save your soul. And this has got to end. I want to let you fade away but how can i forget these things that I loved? I don't know but i will have to learn. Its all imaginings and the revenant singing from your grave unmarked and in devotional prayers the mourners have mistaken death for the end. I promise to never let you mean a thing again. Not to hurt you to make you happy. A circling tragedy reminicent of past failures and the sins that color your eyes are beautiful. Embrace this ending to create a foreshadowing so that they look on in awe as a final understanding sets in. When the razors bleed the dreams inside the cataclysms subside and there is nothing but the wind.
There is nothing but the wind

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