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She Said
11:15 p.m. 2005-05-07

Another night of stilted shadows sifting through walls incorporating memories of you and do you remember? Do you steal these souls to save face with a seemingness of contentment locked away in his arms? Your flame was forever and in the fading grace of the headlights old haunts reverberate through this pavement. Crack the street with every step as I perpetuate a fascimile of leaving. These crimes are divided and the void is consuming reasons and justifications. your heart, my wounds. The scars that cauterize these arms are echoes of things past and the possibility of forgetting. What would I be if you never existed? These pasts are present and every branch has decided this place. Or maybe not, is it possible that these feelings are a part of the innerworkings of this entity and not projections of situational defeat? The essence of these dreams is painted on your face and the tears are tattooing your eyelids in the sunrise preempting another wasted day

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