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Concrete Angels
10:44 p.m. 2005-05-02

"Your aberration pulsating with regret and a forlorn sense of an impending tomorrow. I will wake up under the stars as you fall apart."
In these echoes lurk the sensations we abandoned. Forsake your perpetuity for the sake of a callow disintegration of feeling. Expose your empty heart to disprove the rumours of our demise together. In quiet moments we are left with nothing to say. Expell your breath one last time sweetie, a showering of crystalline fragments distilled in your bitter scent as the night ravages on. Discount your eternity and discredit the empire with deliberate steps down the strees that I've haunted for a year. Snowflakes whispering deliverance and damnation as you cancel out my cries for salvation. You are no god but your glow is irrevocable and I am wilting with your discontent and your neglect. These are words we promised never to say. I will wake up under the stars. Deny this love and convey contempt on the blistering entity of your gaze collapsing lungs and disenchanting this perception. And yet you keep me ensnared and why won't you let go?...let go. If you don't want me then cease the riddling of this flesh with scars and unfulfilled promises. In the absence of sincerity this cancer is engulfing our past and our future. Do you see what i'm saying? Do not force me to continue caring for the sake of your happiness when it will never give birth to a smile on my part. Stop letting me hope.
A reconstructed scenario with the elimination of his heart and the assets set in. Crossmark these hobbled steps and black out the references engraved in writing, your tombstone will go unmarked. It was not hope that envisioned this plane it was your utter inability to convince yourself of the feelings dwelling inside our souls
"they all serve their purpose"
I will scream each breath for you with the consolation that you will never hear these cries. Past evidence decries any attempt to save me now. Please please prove me wrong

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