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Not this time
2:37 a.m. 2005-05-01

In perpetuated silence these images ring clear and you are a stolen kiss. I am fading, i am becoming nothing in the backwash of this bright light. Like I was never born. And don't try to pretend you're still a part of my life you've hidden away for far too long you belong to them now diane. There are no hard feelings here only words left unsaid and the rememberance of actions forgiven as you burn out. "Break me" I will stalk these streets and your lights will banish all thoughts of redemption and in the quiet moments I'll wish. Dazzle this pavement with irridescent destruction and my footsteps leave me pure and empty. Every step I come closer to nothing and can you trace my diminishing along these sidewalks. A chance at glory reflected in the lamplight and this wind will kill the thoughts of you. Just don't. You'll all leave and hide the pictures. I am writing words to save my soul as you ruin every inch of me. Reliance upon others results in failure but lately i've been slipping through my fingers like sand.
There's nothing left to hope for

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