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In the depths of your heart
10:24 p.m. 2005-04-26

Lets face the cold in this transient jet lag storm of emotion and detachment. On the ride home to that old house knowing you won't be there. An empty word on greeting and your picture hanging in the hidden places in my heart. Like fire and like old regret this is something definitive and timeless. And as the picture is weathered by time and day old hate we could have a conversation dictating our past history, if you're willing. Back to your wall on a midnight I'll turn to the things you used to say to get me through. And I'm drifting. You can't say a thing these days. The problem with writing you, a letter or digital poetry, is that there's always a chance to take it back before you send it over the waves. I'm tired and I still haven't found anything to hold on to.
And in dreams of you they came to haunt me with resolutions and heartened promises of a concrete tomorrow.

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